Full Moon Dreams

Hi everyone!

Full moon in Sagittarius greetings! ❤

As some of you may know my little creative business has been on hold for the past few months after I severely hurt my back and My poor Partner has been very very unwell so he has needed much more TLC than normal, but good news is abounding with all this wonderful Full moon Energy! firstly B (my wonderful Partner in crime) is finally healing thanks to the care and attention of his ENT consultant and the wonderful Practice nurse at our local surgery ❤ and my back is on the mend thanks to acupuncture and yoga! ❤ happy days!

Being stuck indoors for the best part of 5 weeks thanks to my back led me to a lot of thinking & soul searching and I finally realized that for quite a while I’ve not been happy with how my little enterprise was faring. so along with some huge life changes, a lot of meditation and help from some amazing friends, I’ve decided that Created by Nikki is to close its doors at last to make way for a new incarnation. I cant say more at the moment as i need to do some more market and legal research, learning and sell all my old stock and wool before i can get started on this exciting new venture. I hope to get all existing stock and hoarded pretties onto my Facebook Biz page for a clearance sale next week, i apologize in advance for the pants photography as it just all needs to go to good loving homes asap. Ill be announcing things here and on Instagram, My personal account is private but hoping to start a new open one that will be just for the business to keep my ramblings separate but if you would like to follow me you can find me Here.

so in the spirit of sharing and gratitude i will leave you with a few interesting reads and thoughts on this Full moon that have helped me this week…..

interesting Tarot reading for this week…                                                                                                  A timely and well written reminder to just be myself….                                                                      fantastic article about Full moon rituals…..                                                                                              and just for fun….. 😀

Thanks for reading, would love to hear how your Summer is going! Nikki x

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Moon Musings…


Tuesday 12th July 2016. feeling grateful for so many things, despite it having been a very difficult year thus far. so i thought id just share some of the things from around the web that I’ve found helpful and insightful recently with you, i hope you enjoy reading and exploring them too! ❤ i

Firstly there is my new friend Erin over at Enthusiastic Joyful Life, who is about to run a free journaling series that i am very much looking forward to, would love to know if your joining us! her Instagram is inspiring and is a great way to keep up to date with her yummy recipe blog posts ❤ she has helped me on my tricky nutritional journey this year, and is an amazingly caring knowledgeable hooman bean ❤

I really love the very new podcast by the stunningly amazing Becca Piastrelli and Maia Toll called The Lunar Lab, its really speaking to my love of Moon magick and working with the natural phases of the planet, I’ve always planted with the moon, but the thought of working everyday around the daily shifts in the moons passage really speaks to me, so Olive @ MoonBearWoman‘s recent post is really making my heart sign this week, we met through a webinar on passion projects run by The Dabblist, which was INCREDIBLE!!! I planned to work on my product photography as a passion project but Im still waiting on getting my old camera fixed so instead i reupholstered an ottoman and a leatherette swivel chair, and sewed up some presents for friends which i hope to show off soon, once they’ve been hooped and posted off to their recipients ❤ thinking of the Lunar Lab, I am really interested to know your thoughts on The We’moon, Llewellyn’s and Earth pathways diaries, do you have one or have you used one of these? I’m really interested in knowing more about them as i cant find any reviews online.

Another podcast I really enjoy is Raise your Hand Say Yes! by Tiffany Han, her positivity, no nonsense style is really liberating as is her energy for helping creatives. her Instagram is very much worth checking out too.

on a fibre level, I’ve unfortunately not been making much felt recently but I’m really enjoying the challenges posted on the Felting and Fiber studio, hoping to get some of my WIP’s used up with this quarters challenge. rosiepink is always a feast for the eyes, a riot of colour and ideas and amazing eBooks. I still have some Felting kits ready to ship and am happy to put together bespoke needle or wet felting kits to order, drop me an email for more details!

my Pinterest is now choc full of inspiration and posts I am still yet to read, the internet is an amazing tool for learning and connecting with like minded souls, we are so lucky to live in such times. but equally its a space where i can feel easily lost and drowning in ideas, such a paradox.

Id love to hear your inspirations, blog and podcast recommendations and thoughts for the 3rd quarter of 2016, comment below!

Blessing and wishes for a creative, positive and happy week ahead, Nikki xox



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now on bloglovin!!!

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Lady pads and my friend Nikki

Completely overwhelmed by this amazing review of reusable menstrual Pads I made for my amazing friend Dani! thank you honey! i love the thought of being a human minion, i have a pinafore dress I’m planning on converting ;P

This is such a difficult topic to talk with people about but slowly the perceived taboo is being reversed, Menstruation is a natural process every healthy lady should go through so why not make it as comfortable and gentle as experience as possible?
Also Dani has written the most amazing book, and you can find links to it on this blog so well worth a read guys 🙂
Feel free to ask me questions, check out my pinterest board ‘reusable is the way forward’ for lots of info and hope you have a fab day!
Love and Light, Nikki xxx

An amateur author....

A little bit off the topic of books and writing, I’ll be honest since I’ve become self employed, writing has gone on the back burner and has since become a smouldering Phoenix that will hopefully one day rise from the ashes in to the best selling novel I dream of writing 😉

Until then I will bring you other interests of mine, general opinions,occasionally the odd rant and movie review but today I would like to tell you about a fellow blogger, entrepreneur and friend Nikki Perry. She is an eco warrioress, a human minion and a Hogwarts geek but don’t we all  want the cream envelope with the scarlet waxed stamp?
She is such an inspiration to me as she has had a tough life but because of that is so full of unattainable knowledge and wisdom , I spend hours speaking to her and come away a little…

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Spring is in the air!

Hello Dear Bloggy Friends!

Today marks my new start, I have a need to do a ‘Virtual Spring Clean’ as I finally feel I am moving forward with positive momentum, as it is all to easy when you work from home to become a bit of a hermit, PJs are my favourite attire after all 😉 but having recently started having a stall at a local Artisan Market and even more recently having my work displayed for sale in a very exciting new shop in Fishguard where i also steward  I am starting to see more real people, get out onto the world that inspires me so much and remove myself from the creative den I created (I couldn’t be seen for piles of fluff and thread and pretty shiny things!!) With the support of some amazing friends, both real and virtual, I am emerging from this long cold Winter with renewed purpose and vigour, I hope you are feeling the spring warmth too!

So onto my latest make, which sold before I had even finished sewing on it! I have always been fascinated by wolves and my Chinese sign is water dog, so I feel a natural affinity towards canines. When i stumbled across this pattern I had to purchase it as i knew it would work on this piece of felt i had created some months previously, all i had to do was put the two together.

My home made felt in shades of teal wit bamboo and ribbon embellishment. Created by Nikki 2015

My home made felt in shades of teal with bamboo and ribbon embellishment. Created by Nikki 2014

That process took almost 14 months as originally i had decided it was a personal project for myself and as such i worked on it in my ‘spare time’. my first thought was to simply embroider it by hand, so i started with the wolfs face and carefully built up the lines for this striking face.

After the house moves in october and again in december a lot of things had been packed away and forgotten about. My spirit wolf being among them. When I came across her a few weeks ago I decided I needed to brush up my skills on the sewing machine again to really bring her to life.

Usually when I need to learn or refresh a skill my first place is my home library, I have found quite a few amazing authors of craft over the past few years and I will have to create a post about them soon, but this time upon finding nothing that would help me, I turned to pinterest where I seem to have quite a few boards of helpful pins (click here to see them) and as I searched through was reminded of the lovely ladies of Rosiepink who’s Ebook on 3D wet felted vessels helped me so much when I was first starting out. they now have another wonderful Ebook that I dug deep into my purse to purchase and I’m so glad i did! Its called creating Felt artwork and it was the springboard i needed to create this, My first foray into Free Motion Embroidery. Created by Nikki

I really hope you like it, I have already created the felt sheets to make more of the Anima series from Urban Threads so watch out for new creations soon!

(i am sharing these links because i love sharing knowledge, they are not affiliate links and i make no money from you clicking on them, Thank you)

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BIG news and Happy thoughts….


so theres loads happening here at CbN HQ right now, Including us moving this week! were relocating to Goodwick, its only about 15 miles from here but you can see the sea, there will actually be a dedicated craft room for CbN at last and away from all the traffic and noise of the town, its a dream come true to find this house to rent at just this time! i feel so blessed!

So with that going on for the past 2 months ive been finding it hard to create much new pieces, but have been lucky to be asked to make some felt sheets for a couple of awesome makers via the Facebook page, One of which is Lovely Caz of Becazzled (click here to see her pageand here to see one of the mice she made with my felt) shes incredible! Its been epic fun to work with her, and i look forward to more collaborations!

In other news i thought i would share some other MicroBiz finds from this month, something ive seen others do in vlogs and on youtube, but being a wallflower im going to do my September Haul here 🙂
so from the awesome Chamby & Cor i got some new Washi tapes for wrapping up your lovely orders, i try to stick with ones that can work for all packets but this time i treated us to some more festive colours 🙂 I have been asked if i can create Dreadfalls for one lovely customer which will stretch my skills as ive only ever made single colour ones before so been doing lots of research on Pinterest and drooling over Knot far from Hair’s gorgeous Dreadbeads… i have some ready for when i make my next set of dreads, just waiting for my little mohawk to grow a little longer 🙂 going for a mermaidy look of blues greens and ice white 🙂 will keep the blog updated!
next up was some gorgeous greetings cards i got for some super special people from CuteDesigns Etsy shop and Lyndsey Green Illustration whos animals are just so incredibly beautiful! and to brighten up the post you cannot go wrong with these wonderful Snailmail and Whalemail stickers from Gaze of Dolls!!

I also ran a three platform giveaway, all three winners have chosen some beautiful creations and were very happy with their winnings so far! that was fun but with not many entries it will be a while and lots of thinkings before i do another me thinks 🙂

so i hope you have found some new gorgeous shops and people to follow and connect with, and i will share some more when i can, will not have broadband for a short while (how will i cope?!?!?!) which means i wont be posting for a little while again but i will be keeping my instagram updated via my phone when i have time so feel free to pop over there too 🙂

hope your all fab and well and have a super october, and if you want to share recent etsy finds, or ig and fb pages you think i should check out feel free to do so so below 🙂 i love finding new artists and shops to peruse!

Loads of Love n Fluff, Nikki xxxxx

PS. click on the Underlined words to be taken to the shops and accounts! have fun chaps xxx

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Warning… I’ve had an epiphany…

So firstly another apology! Ive managed to lock myself out of the blog until now after an authentication fiasco, and I dont know how to fix it because deleted the app before trying to stop the validation sequence on laptop as it was playing up and now i cannot log into wordpress on my phone AT ALL. EPIC FAIL!!!!

anyway! enough of that! sooo what has been happening here at CbN headquarters?
summer holidays, Rag rugs, a pretty awesome collaboration for charity( ill post more on that when its completed!! Exciting!!) Been helping a friend with his Craft shop and online stuff, trying to spread the word about CbN, trying to improve my photography skills (thats not been going well so far, more on that later), lots of laughs, trials into new products, worrying about CE certification (thats still something i want to look into further) making some epic online friends who are super helpful amazing and creatively inspiring to the max! if you have not discovered Instagram yet then PLEASE run there now and rectify the situation! I have been overwhelmed by the friendship and support and creative input that I have found there every day since joining, and I now visit IG more than FB because its such a happy and heart burstingly cool place to share chat and learn.
So, i hear you ask, what about this epiphany Nik? So! I’m currently partaking in a Photo A Day challenge by @createandthrive called #CTMonthInTheLife, day one was Workspace, and this morning I was working on a lush commision of a piece of flat felt in a rainbow colourway for a wonderful lady, who’s work is so awesome! its such a joy to work with people who are so talented!
For this prompt I took a photo of my desk, my humble workspace that my lovely OH created for me and is still a work in progress in itself. i have had soooo many likes on that photo, so many lovely comments and found so many new interesting and creative people I really am feeling awesome about choosing to join in, something I find very very hard to do. I suffer with being very very anxious, something not a lot of people know but there it is out on the table, because today I feel not only do I want to get rid of it but i feel able too, I want to be a good brand that people will like and that they can enjoy and cherish the items they purchase from me, and for that I need to stop worrying, stop procrastinating about trying to be better at this and JUST BE GOOD AT IT!
So that is what i am going to do! My diary is out ready for time planning the next weeks progress, i have scrap paper to work out my lists and I have the most urgent projects on the desk ready to work through.
So i would like to ask a question, How do you help yourself be productive? daily planning and diaries help me, whats your prefered method?
hope to see you over on IG, click here –> tournelignum to find me! same as my Twitter name 🙂 and May your days be filled with creativity and smiles !

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