Okay, i started Created by Nikki, my little venture a few months ago and im already evolving my business ideas based on what ive learnt so far.

In the new year there will be a much larger emphasis on my felted range of bags and eventually clothing too 🙂 also i hope to get more time in my wood office working on my lathe, I’ve missed my turning of late!

This is my attempt at Blogging, i still don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m going to try my hardest to bring you lovely people some exciting and interesting pictures and adventures 🙂 cos I’m always up to mischief here 🙂

anyway i think for a first post and try of this page that i set up ages ago I’ve bored you all enough 😉 any thoughts ideas or comments would be appreciated and read with relish, scrap that, salad cream, i like salad cream 🙂

so good night for now folks!

Mischief managed 😉


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